Privacy statement

KEBO v.o.f., is convinced that the protection of the personal privacy of its customers and website visitors are of essential importance for its activities, which includes handling personal data with due care.

Personal data are therefore carefully processed and protected. In doing so KEBO is in compliance with the law and legislation regarding the protection of personal data, such as the Data Protection Act.
Recording and processing of data
Within the framework of the service personal data is recorded. KEBO uses the personal data of customers and visitors of the website for the implementation of agreements or service via the internet. KEBO will not make your CV data available to third parties without your permission. At all times you can yourself entirely or partially limit the availability of your CV. Please think carefully about what data you will include in your CV when this is available for third party perusal. In addition to that the data is processed to give information about interesting offers of products and/or services of KEBO. In doing so, KEBO will try to take your preferences, indicated interests and specialism into account.
In compliance with the Telecommunications Act KEBO will use the email address that it receives within the framework of contracting an agreement, to provide you with information

Only in cases where you yourself have given your consent will KEBO use your email address to inform you about third party products and services.
Data protection
KEBO makes use of security procedures, among other things to prevent unauthorised people from gaining access to this data or such personal data being lost.

Clicking behaviour
The website stores visitor’s data, such as the pages most requested by a visitor. The purpose of this is to optimize the layout of the website. These data can also be used to place information relevant to you on the pages that you visit, for example special messages in your fields of interest, or offers from advertisers. In this way the service to you can be further optimised.
KEBO uses cookies when offering services. A cookie is a small text file which, when a website is visited, will be stored on the hard disc of your computer. A cookie contains data so that you can be recognised as a visitor each time you visit the website. It is then possible to gear the website especially to you and/or to make logging in easier.

You can always block cookies in your browser without this having far reaching consequences for the use of the website. However, this may result in certain sections being less accessible or no longer accessible to you.
Links to other websites

On the website you will find a number of links to other websites. Although these websites have been selected with care, KEBO cannot be held responsible with regard to the use of your data by these organisations. For this please read the privacy statement, if present, of the website you are visiting


KEBO reserves the right to make modifications in the privacy statement. For this reason we advise you to regularly check the privacy statement for an update of the privacy policy. Questions
If you have any further questions about the privacy policy, then please feel free to contact us: KEBO v.o.f.

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