KEBO vof Internet General Terms of Delivery
Article 1 - Definitions
The following terms in these Terms of Delivery are taken to mean:
1. Distance selling: a system organised by the seller of service provider for the purpose of distance selling or distance service provision, which entails the sole use of one or more techniques for long-distance communication up to and including the moment the agreement is entered into.
2. Agreement: any agreement related to distance selling.
3. Long-distance communication technique: a tool which, without concurrent personal presence of parties, can be used for concluding distance agreements.
4. Professional: the purchaser of goods or the user of services, being a natural person, representative of KEBO and/or a professional.
5. Consumer: the purchaser of goods or user of services, being a natural person who does not act in the performance of a profession or on behalf of KEBO.
6. Client: the buyer of goods, consumer and professional.
7. Offer: any offer of goods and/or services, including the applicable terms and conditions, such as offered by KEBO to consumers in its catalogue, flyers or otherwise.
8. Price: the price of the offered good or service, without additional costs, as stated and agreed on separately.
9. Reflection period: the period in which the consumer is allowed to make use of his right of withdrawal.

Article 2 - Identity of KEBO
Registered office at: Oranjekanaal zuidzijde 5 in Zwiggelte Chamber of Commerce Meppel: 04042353; VAT number: NL8082.144B01
Article 3 - Internet General Terms of Delivery
1. Reference is made to the online text of KEBO Internet General Terms of Delivery in a timely manner, and before conclusion of the agreement.
2. The Internet General Terms of Delivery apply to each agreement between KEBO and its client, regardless of the means of communication used.
3. Any deviations from these Internet General Terms of Delivery have to be recorded in writing. In the event of a lack of written documentation, deviations may be proven by the parties by all lawful means.
Article 4 - The offer
1. The offered goods and/or services are clearly and fairly depicted and/or described and as completely as may reasonably be required, making clear the commercial purpose. If the offer is subject to a limited period of validity, this is clearly stated.
2. Each offer should contain information that makes it clear to the client what his rights and obligations are, connected to the acceptance of the offer. This explicitly applies to the price, the right of withdrawal, the manner of payment, the minimal term of the distance agreement, the shipping costs and other conditions.
3. If KEBO offers clients the option of payment in instalments, the conditions for payment in instalments will be announced in the offer.
4. If KEBO offers consumers the option of making contact via a long-distance communication technique other than at the basic rate, the costs will be included in the offer at the latest.
5. Offers in advertisements and on the internet are without obligations and valid as long as the

product concerned is in stock at KEBO.
Article - Reflection period - "Cooling off period"
1. The offer implies a reflection period of seven working days, starting on the day after receipt by, or on behalf of the consumer.
2. During the reflection period, the consumer has the right of withdrawal, which means that he has the option of returning the goods without any obligation on his part, other than payment of the direct return costs.
3. Limitations or exclusions to the reflection period - based on the specific nature of the goods sold by us are:
a. goods or services of which the price is connected to fluctuations in the financial market, which the seller cannot influence.
b. goods or services rendered in accordance with specifications of the purchaser; which clearly are personal in nature; which cannot be returned due to this nature; which may perish or age.
c. goods which are damaged, smashed or otherwise made unsalable cannot be returned.
4. Consumers may only actually invoke the reflection period in the manner which is stated by KEBO in the offer and/or on the delivery.
5. When articles, which have been purchased via the website, are returned, the purchase amount is returned, but not the packaging and shipping costs.
Article 6 - Conclusion of the agreement
1. Notwithstanding the provisions of the third paragraph, the purchase agreement distance sales agreement is concluded at the moment the offer is accepted and the related conditions are met.
2. If a reflection period applies, invocation of the reflection period by the consumer is deemed a resolutive condition.
3. KEBO is free to stipulate purchase on approval, in accordance with the legal provisions, and to assign a suspensive force to the reflection period.
4. If the consumer has paid an amount in advance and if the agreement, to which the advance payment pertains, is not concluded, or is terminated in accordance with paragraph 2, repayment takes place as soon as possible, but within 30 days.
5. KEBO takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the electronic transfer of personal information and especially payments.
6. KEBO is allowed to inform if the person who places or requests an order is able to meet his payment obligations, within the legal boundaries, as well as any other facts and factors which are important for a responsible distance sales agreement. KEBO is entitled to refuse an order or application or to attach special conditions to the delivery.
7. KEBO will make the information, as referred to in Article 2, paragraph 2, 3 and 4, available to the consumer before the performance of the agreement.
8. KEBO will also - no later than in the performance of the agreement - make the following information available to the consumer:
a) in writing, the conditions to and the manner in which the consumer is allowed to make use of the right of withdrawal, or where such information can be found on the website of KEBO. b) the geographic address of the KEBO office, which the consumer can contact in the case of complaints.
c) the information about existing after-sales services and commercial warranties.
Article 7 - The price

1. During the stated term, the prices of the offered good and/or services will not be increased, except for price changes as a result of changes in VAT rates, currency fluctuations and purchase prices. Contrary to the provisions of the preceding sentence, it is possible that variable prices may apply if the nature of the offered good or service requires so. This, and the fact that any stated prices are only recommended prices, will be stated.

2. Price increases after conclusion of the agreement are not allowed, unless the price increase is the result of legal regulations or stipulations.
Article 8 - Conformity
KEBO guarantees that the goods and/services meet the specifications, as stated in the offer, meet the reasonable demands of soundness and/or usability and are not contrary to current legal stipulations and/or government regulations on the date of conclusion of the agreement.


Article 9 - Warranty

1. Any arrangement offered by KEBO as a warranty does not affect the rights the consumer may exercise towards KEBO based on the law and the distance sales agreement.
2. Any warranty offered by the manufacturer or importer does not affect the right the consumer may exercise towards KEBO based on the law, the distance sales agreement and the warranty offered by KEBO.

Article 10 - The order
Deliveries of goods and/or services are solely executed after express ordering, unless otherwise agreed between KEBO and the consumer.
Article 11 - The execution of the order
1. KEBO will observe the greatest possible care in receiving and executing orders of goods, and in assessing applications for service rendering.
2. The place of delivery is the consumer's home address most recently communicated to KEBO, unless otherwise agreed.
3. KEBO will execute accepted orders with competent speed, but no later than 30 days after the order, with due observance of the provisions of Article 4 of these Internet General Terms of Delivery, unless otherwise agreed. If delivery is delayed, because it is either (temporarily) out of stock, or because of other reasons, or if an order cannot be executed or only partially executed, the consumer will receive notification of this no later than one month after placement of the order. In this case, the consumer is entitled to cancel the order without any costs. In the case of goods purchased via the website, the purchase amount will be credited.
4. If delivery of an ordered good is impossible, KEBO will do its utmost, within the boundaries of reasonableness and fairness, to make an alternative good available. At the latest when the good is delivered, it will be stated in a clear and understandable manner that an alternative good has been delivered. In the case of alternative goods, the reflection period cannot be excluded. The costs for returning the goods will be borne by KEBO.
Article 12 - Payment
1. Payment takes place at the choice of KEBO.
a. net cash payment on delivery.
b. prepayment via deposit or transfer to a bank account to be appointed by KEBO.
c. prepayment via internet payment systems.
2. Internet General Terms of Delivery state that prepayment of more than 50% of the purchase amount is not allowed when selling goods to consumers. If prepayment has been stipulated, the consumer may not exercise any right regarding the execution of the order concerned, or regarding the request for the service rendering before the stipulated prepayment has been

3. The consumer is obliged to inform KEBO of inaccuracies in issued or stated information. 4. If the consumer fails to pay, KEBO is entitled to charge the consumer the reasonable costs, which have been made known to the consumer beforehand, except in the case of legal limitations.
5. The client may not deduct any amount from the amount to be paid to KEBO as an offset, nor is he entitled to suspend payment based on a complaint about the delivered item.
6. Prices will be stated in Euros.
Article 13 - Disputes
Dutch law applies to agreements between KEBO and the consumer, to which these Internet General Terms of Delivery apply.
Article 14 - Liability
1. KEBO can never be held liable by the consumer for damages, unless they are the result of intent, gross negligence, or gross negligence by KEBO.
2. Liability regarding loss of profits and/or business interruption loss is expressly excluded. Article 15 - Final stipulation
1. Dutch law also applies to cases in which these Internet General Terms of Delivery do not provide.
2. If, and so far as, any part or stipulation of these KEBO Internet General Terms of Delivery are contrary to obligatory provisions in national or international law, it is deemed not agreed on; and these KEBO Internet General Terms of Delivery will remain binding for the parties in all other respects. September 2011
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Computer intrusion:
1. Any person who intentionally and unlawfully enters a computer system for storing and processing data, or a part of the system, shall be liable to a prison sentence not exceeding six months or a category 3 fine, if he
a. penetrates the security of the system, or b. gains access by means of a technical intervention, with the help of false signals or a false key, or by assuming a false identity.
2. Any person who consequently copies data, for himself or someone else, stored in a computer system, in which he is trespassing, shall be liable to a prison sentence not exceeding four years or a category 4 fine.
3. Computer intrusion perpetrated with the intervention of a public telecommunications network shall be liable to a prison sentence not exceeding four years or a category 4 fine, if the perpetrator consequently:
a. uses the processing capability of a computer system with the intention of benefiting oneself

b. acquires access to a third party's computer system through the computer system which he has entered.